Questions you may have before getting a Quote

How does Ball Insurance Services work out the best quote for me?
We utilize a custom built rating process that shops multiple A Rated (A.M. Best) insurers and present you with the best coverage options and lowest prices available. Our expert agents will find you the very best package and we will always give you workable options and multiple payment plans to fit your needs.

Can I get coverage with existing claims?
Yes! No matter how many existing claims you have or what your current carrier has told you Ball Insurance Services is here to help. We can get you covered at the best prices no matter what.

Can I get a multi-line discount with my Auto or other lines of insurance?
Yes! We offer Auto, Home, RV, Boat, Renters, Life, Health, Bonds and Business Insurance. Any of these products will get you a multi-line discount on your policy.

Why do most companies have to ask so many questions for a quote?
Because of our state of the art pricing and underwriting systems we can automatically determine the best rate that we can offer you. This allows us to get you a very detailed quote without requiring a huge amount of personal information. Once we are ready to issue your policy we will gather the necessary details from you. We strive to make your experience smooth and seamless.

What details will I need to provide before I get my quote online or over the phone?
        Year Make and Model of the vehicles you want quotes for- these can be Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Boats, RVs
         or Trailers
        The names, ages and driver info for the people you want to insure on your policy such as Spouses, children,
         roommates, etc.
        General information about the level of coverage that you are looking for
For Property Insurance the address, property use and coverage valuation information will be worked out with you by our expert staff.
For Business Insurance a staff member will work with you or your staff to determine the right packages and the best pricing to save your business money today and over the long haul.

What types of insurance does Ball Insurance Services offer?
Auto Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance, including;
      Custom Bikes- Trikes- Police Use- Crotch Rockets- Pocket Bikes- Harleys- CanAms
RV and Trailer Insurance
Boat Insurance, including;
      Ski, Fishing, House, Offshore, Pontoon and many more
Business Insurance, including;
      General Liability, Workers Comp, Employer Liability, Non Profit, Medical Malpractice and more

Property insurance offered covers just about ANY property, including:

        Single Family Homes
        Second Home/Cabin
        Multi-Unit Properies
        High Value Homes
        Mobile Homes
        Off the Grid Property
        Commercial Buildings
        Industrial Buildings
        Land Liability
        Older structures (over 75 years old)
        Lots and Lots more!

So whatever your needs, you will get a reliable, affordable property insurance policy through Ball Insurance Services

I have had the same policy for years and out of the blue my company is Non-Renewing the coverage… What has changed?
We see this every day. The first issue is that more and more of the U.S.A is being reclassified as “High Risk” however this alone doesn’t truly answer your question. What is happening is the “Big Boys” don’t want to do business in “High Risk” any longer. They ONLY want to insure the properties that are easy and safe, if they want to keep insuring property AT ALL.

I have been turned down at several other insurers, can you still cover me?
Not a problem! As MASTERS of the Insurance markets we are ready to show you how we can help. Get your FREE quote in as little as 5 minutes!

Do I need to own the property before I get insured?
No, we will deal directly with your Realtor, Mortgage Broker and Title Company on your behalf. We make the process seamless and transparent and we promise the people wrapping up your property purchase will LOVE dealing with us!

What levels of property insurance coverage do you offer?
We offer every conceivable package of very basic to large scale coverage.
How does Ball Insurance Services save me so much money?
We have worked for over 50 years to develop relationships with Insurance Carriers from all over the U.S.A, bringing you the most competitive rates with the best coverage available. Ball Insurance Services expert staff will do whatever it takes to get you the right Insurance package at the lowest cost to you.